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.COM domains from $9 .77*

You pay what we pay – applies to new domain registrations, renewals, and transfers.

NameBright is committed to providing you with the most popular domain extensions at wholesale prices.

It couldn't be easier! Don’t get caught paying low introductory rates – lock in the lowest yearly rate possible.

Our pricing is based on our cost from the registry, ICANN fees, and estimated credit card processing fees.
That’s it. We don’t add hidden fees.

Lowest domain registration possible!
From ... $9.77 / year
From ... $11.84 / year
Only ... $16.85 / year

*How to get domain registrations for only $9 .77

Simply fund your account and checkout using your pre-funded account to receive wholesale ‘at cost’ domain name registrations for .COM and .NET domains.

Step 1
Go to the ‘Add Funds’ page
Once you’ve created an account, go to Add Funds under the Billing tab of your account.
Step 2
Choose payment method
To get 'at cost' pricing, you must pay by bank wire or check (checks must be $100 or more).
Step 3
Register your domains
The next time you make a purchase, select "Bill My Funded NameBright Account" in the payment method at checkout. At cost pricing applies to new registrations, renewals, and transfers.

How ‘at cost’ pricing works

‘At Cost’ Pricing is what we use for certain top level domains (TLD's) whereby we charge you exactly what we are charged ourselves.

With .com domains, we have to pay $0.18 per domain per year to ICANN, and have to pay $8.97 to VeriSign (the company that manages the .com registry), and we also have to pay credit card processing fees for each transaction.

We do not markup the price, providing the domains wholesale prices.

Select your payment method:

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