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Email Plans
Plan Accounts Total Space Price Recommended For...
Personal 1 100 MB $9.95 / year
Starter 5 500 MB $14.95 / year
Bronze 10 1 GB $19.95 / year
Silver 20 2 GB $34.95 / year
Gold 40 4 GB $54.95 / year
Platinum 80 8 GB $94.95 / year
Platinum 100 100 10 GB $114.95 / year
Platinum 200 200 20 GB $219.95 / year
Platinum 400 400 40 GB $399.95 / year
Platinum 800 800 80 GB $779.95 / year
Enterprise 1.6k 1,600 160 GB $1,434.95 / year
Enterprise 3.2k 3,200 320 GB $2,684.95 / year
Enterprise 6.4k 6,400 640 GB $4,694.95 / year
Enterprise 12.8k 12,800 1,280 GB $8,209.95 / year
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You are unable to downgrade to this plan at this time. You are either using too many accounts or have assigned too much storage space in your existing email plan. To be able to downgrade to this specific plan you must first go to your email plan and delete accounts or free up additional storage space.
NameBright email accounts can only be renewed once a year. If your email plan expires in 365 days or more you are not able to renew it until there are less than 365 days left in the email plan.
Email plans have to be purchased on a yearly basis and cannot be purchased on a monthly basis.
IMAP is a protocol for managing your email. It allows you to read email on one device, and keep that message read on all of your devices. IMAP is only offered on more sophificated plans.

IMAP Protocol is Currently in Beta Mode. It works in most email clients. Smaller known software might work slightly differently than expected. We ask if you find any issues with IMAP you let us know via the "Feedback" link on the left of the site.
Overview About Email Plans Advanced Features Client Settings Webmail Access

Affordable Email Options

At NameBright, we discovered users want simple mailbox management, but they want a variety of storage options. Most importantly, they want their email completely secured and protected, yet accessible from any device, including smartphone, from anywhere in the world. They asked and we delivered!

If you don't see a solution that meets your needs, contact us. Our team of developers will go to work on it. You've never seen a provider like NameBright. Call us and see for yourself!

Free Email Forwarding

NameBright lets you forward incoming mail to another address automatically, easily, and it's FREE! Email forwarding is simple to turn on and off in your NameBright control panel. Free email forwarding may not change the world, but it's a start!

Simplified Email Plans

You have enough to do without worrying about an email plan for your business. With NameBright, you have a variety of plans to choose from and you can choose to upgrade or downgrade anytime in the future. It is part of what we do best, we make things easy!

Advanced Email Features

Our team is always at work creating innovative services. In fact, NameBright provides unique email features found nowhere else on the web! With our proprietary technologies we can set up email accounts on entire categories of domains, create disposable email addresses and more! You will love our advanced email features and how they can work for you. Give them a try!

Email Plan Sizes

Our email plans are flexible enough for everyone. We offer plans for small businesses, corporations, enterprise and beyond. At NameBright, you're never stuck with an outdated plan that is either too much or too little for your needs. We'll keep you in a plan that is just right!

How Email Plans Work

Our email plans are easy to use and easy to understand. Each of our email plans come with a set number of email addresses and inbox space. With each plan, you are also provided with free webmail, free antivirus and free spam filters. Need to upgrade at a later point in time? Not a problem. We give you a pro-rated refund on your current plan. At NameBright we are easy to use and easy to get along with! All accounts can be used with POP3 access, IMAP is not currently supported.

Renewal of Email Plans

Our email plans renew on a yearly basis, with a two week cushion prior to expiration. Of course you have the option of cancelling the plan before that date. We understand how critical your email is to you, so if your email plan is not renewed in enough time, and auto-renewal of your email plan fails, we will begin sending warning emails. These urgent emails will be sent to all email addresses in the plan starting on the day the auto-renewal fails. Even in the worst case scenario, we will continue to attempt to get your attention prior to you emails being stopped.

Upgrading / Downgrading An Email Plan

Need a larger plan? Is your current plan too big? Changing your plan is easy with NameBright. Simply select the new plan you want from this page, and click on the button that says 'upgrade' or 'downgrade'. To protect you from losing any data in your email account, you will not be able to downgrade to plans that have less email accounts or allocated storage than your current account is using. In this case, you will need to delete emails and/or email accounts to get under this threshold. You should then be able to downgrade. Of course, if you are upgrading, any previously made payments will be credited to your new upgraded plan.

* Email Plans which are measured in Gigabytes (GB) are calculated as 1,000 Megabytes per 1 Gigabyte.

NameBright provides state-of-the-art email features that cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet!

Disposable Email Addresses

If you have a domain name and create what is called a wildcard email address on the domain, you will automatically be enrolled in the disposable email system. With this, you can use a different email address everywhere you go, and later block any address that might be generating too much spam. For example, if you own and set up *, this is a wildcard and all emails to, will go to one email account. If you sign up for a sweepstakes using and start getting unrelated spam at that specific address - just tell NameBright you want "" to be a trash email address. We won't forward any emails to this email address to you anymore! It is a clean and efficient way of knowing who sold your email address and cut down on the amount of SPAM you receive. If you need to get an email in the future that is going to a trashed email address, remove it from the blacklist.

If you are using an external email client such as Microsoft Outlook, all you have to do is forward an offending email to with a private PIN in the email. (The private PIN can be found when editing the email address in the NameBright system.) This way you can add a new trash email address without ever having to visit the website. You will always be able to manage your disposable email addresses from the NameBright website as well.

Email Accounts That Span Categories of Domains

Do you manage domain names that are similar to each other? If you do, and choose to manage these domain names in categories, NameBright has an innovative email feature you may wish to take advantage of. You can set up email addresses on the category level. For example, if you own,, and domain names and you set up the email address owner@[My Example Category], one email address would be configured for, and Now check this out: when you reply to an email that goes to, the email will be sent to the recipient from that correct ( email address. The person you are emailing will have no idea this is really just one email address you manage. There is nothing you have to do to make this work, and it works with all email clients including Outlook, Thunderbird, Pine and more.

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