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Our Knowledge Base provides support and solutions for top issues, and frequently asked questions. We have HUNDREDS of help topics written to help you use NameBright, most of which are not categorized and can only be found through the search box below!

When I transfer a domain do I get another year of registration? This information might be out of context

Yes. The transfer price includes renewal of the domain for 1 additional year. This year is added to the current expiration date, not to the date of the transfer, so all existing registration time is retained.

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What is "at-cost" registration?

This means that you pay what we pay - there is no added mark up. The exact price that each domain extension costs can be seen on our price sheet.

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What domain extensions does NameBright support?

You can register domain names in virtually every extension at NameBright. Check out our full list of supported extensions.

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Why are your prices so low?

You can register domains at NameBright for the same prices that we pay – no markup is added. See our price sheet for more information.

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How do I transfer a domain to another registrar

It's a large process, and this is only a rough overview.

1. Purchase and request domain transfer at the new registrar

When you purchase a domain transfer, some of the registrars may let you to keep all the time remaining on your existing registration, plus you may get a FREE 1-year extension. After the payment is processed, the status of the domain at the new registrar will be set to Authorization Required. You will also receive an email from the new registrar containing Transaction ID and Security Code.

2. Request authorization code at current registrar.

Login to your current registrar account and request for 'authorization code request'. You have to turn off the domain protection before you can request authorization code from the current registrar. Following screen shows the link from my current registrar that gave the option to request authorization code.

3. Authorization code received from current registrar.

You'll receive an email from current registrar with Authorization code.

4. Begin the transfer from the new registrar using the authorization code.

Go to the new registrar and begin the transfer process. At this stage, the new registrar will display the Status as "Authorization required" and the Recommended Action as "Authorization - Begin transfer authorization"

Enter the authorization code that was received from the current registrar and complete this process. After this step, the new registrar will display the Status as"Pending Current Registrar approval" and the Recommended Action as "Accept transfer at current registrar"

5. Email Notification from current registrar.

You will get an email from the current registrar confirming your transfer request. You don't need to take any action if you want to accept the transfer. If you wish to cancel the transfer, follow the link from the email.

6. Domain Transfer completed to new registrar

A final confirmation email from new registrar was received approximately 4 days after initiating the transfer at the current registrar. Please note that the current registrar has up to 5 days to release the transfer of the domain.

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What is EV? This information might be out of context

Extended Validation (EV) SSL helps demonstrate your commitment to security to your customers.

When you have an EV SSL certificate on your website, many modern browsers make the URL bar green and highlight the fact that you have passed extra levels of identification to obtain your certificate.

EV SSL is perfect for companies who plan on storing valuable customer data or processing credit cards through their website. When requesting an EV SSL, the issuing certificate provider will require a registered legal name (an individual will not suffice), registration numbers and address(es) of registering organizations.

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Transfer domains without downtime

Transfers to NameBright typically take a few days to process. If you don’t have time to wait, you can transfer your domains immediately using the following approach:

1. Create a category.
2. Turn on all category settings you will need and configure the settings upfront.
3. Register a test domain and add it to your category. If you have an existing domain at NameBright already, you can use that instead.
4. Make sure everything is working correctly on the test domain.

If the test domain is working correctly, you are ready to transfer your domains and most likely will see no downtime when your domains move over. Learn more.

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API Access

NameBright provides an API for advanced users and businesses. The API is a powerful tool to automate registration and configuration for large domain portfolios.

If your API access request is approved, you are expected to understand and follow the terms of use:

• You must fund your account with a minimum balance of 100 to use the API.

• Charges made from API functions will be applied to your funded account balance.

• Charges incurred from API functions are non-refundable.

• Users may not make more than 30 API requests in any 30 second period. Exceeding this may lead to rate-limiting and/or revocation of access.

• Requests should be sent no more frequently than one per second.

• The API will not be used to purchase, or check the availability of, domains that are expiring / dropping into general availability. Responses to this sort of request will always be "domain not available".

• NameBright reserves the right to limit or remove API access at any time.

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