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What happens when my domain expires? This information might be out of context

If you do not renew your domain name before it expires, the domain name goes into a status of "Expired". This means your domain name will not function correctly, you will not receive email from the domain (if configured), and if you do not renew the domain shortly, it will go into the final process of being deleted from the registry. If you do not renew your domain name shortly, it will enter a point in the expiration process that is called "Redemption Grace Period", and at that point it will cost a lot more to reactivate the domain name than it does to simply renew it right now for the renewal cost.

Please note most functions on this page still work. You can still update whois information on the domain and configure privacy protection. However, as the domain name is expired you are not able to change other things such as nameservers on the domain, or to change locking for the domain. These functions are restricted at the registry and NameBright does not have control over this.

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What is Default Sending Address? This information might be out of context

This setting is only used on wildcard email addresses. Essentially when you send email from our web-mail client you will be able to send the email from whomever you want. But the default sending address is the email address that will be auto-populated when composing new email messages. If you do not configure the default sending address, the web-mail client will use the default address of "mail@" for wildcard addresses. In the case of categories with default sending addresses, we will auto-populate the first domain name that we find in the category unless you specify an exact address in the default sending address.

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What is Redemption Grace Period This information might be out of context

After a domain name expires, you have 30 days to renew the domain at the regular domain renewal rate for that extension. If you miss this, you get an additional 30 days to "Redeem" a domain during a period that is called the "Redemption Grace Period." This is sometimes referred to as "RGP" in short. If you do not renew a domain name by the end of Redemption Grace Period, the domain will become available for others to register. If you have domain names that are in Redemption Grace Period this is your last and final chance to recover the domain name.
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What is GDPR Transfer Auto-Approval? This information might be out of context

Due to complexities of the European Union's GDPR, domain name transfers have become less secure. NameBright has changed its systems as of May, 2018 to make it so that all transfers out of NameBright need to be approved from within your account before a transfer will take place. Should you find this a nuisance and do not want this added level of security, you can turn it off here. But do note, if you turn this feature off, and your domain is unlocked, anyone who knows an auth code to your domain will be able to transfer it anywhere they want. With this feature turned on, you have to approve any outbound transfers from within your account.
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What Is a Premium Domain? This information might be out of context

A Premium Domain is a domain name that is already owned by someone else. These domains are listed for sale through NameBright.com at fixed prices. This means the owner is willing to sell rights to this domain name for this price. This is a one-time cost to buy rights to the domain, and after you acquire the domain you can renew it at annual yearly costs for under $10.00 per year typically. (Price will depend on the exact extension)

In today's market most quality domain names are taken or used, and the ability to purchase a Premium Domain will help you jumpstart your business or give your business an additional boost.

Premium Domains that are purchased through NameBright will be available for use in your account almost immediately after purchase has been made.

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