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Our Knowledge Base provides support and solutions for top issues, and frequently asked questions. We have HUNDREDS of help topics written to help you use NameBright, most of which are not categorized and can only be found through the search box below!

What is WhoIs?

Whois is a public database that stores information about the owners of domain names.

Whois info includes the domain owner’s name, email, phone number, and address. As a registrar, we are required to maintain accurate information on all domains, but domain owners are not required to make that information public. Enter: Privacy Protection.

Privacy Protection ensures your information is not displayed to the public. Using Whois Privacy Protection replaces your private details with NameBright’s information.

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What is Whois privacy protection?

By default, a domain owner’s information (name, email, phone number and more) is published in a public database called Whois.

Using Whois privacy protection replaces your private details with NameBright’s information. NameBright provides your first year of Whois privacy protection for FREE.

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What are Whois counters? How often are they updated?

Our Whois history chart lets you see how often people are running Whois queries on your domains – valuable info if you’re trying to assess potential buyer interest.

The chart is updated once per day to reflect the past day's data.

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Whois history details This information might be out of context

Your upgrade grants you unlimited historical insight into how many people are trying to find out who owns your domain.

These upgraded reports will go back to the date you first registered your domain at NameBright. The most popular extensions are supported, but if you have domains with niche extensions, contact NameBright support to see if your extension supports "thin whois", which is required for Whois tracking.

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Your domains can be cased

You can case your names however you like at NameBright. Your custom casing will appear in NameBright’s interface, Whois records and downloadable reports. Note that browsers do not support custom casing in their address bars.

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What is GDPR privacy? This information might be out of context

Residents of the European Union have the option to enable GDPR Privacy, which will hide your personal information from Whois output.

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