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Easy checkout. Great pricing. Advanced management tools that give you more control. Read below to learn more about what makes NameBright different!

'At Cost' Pricing

NameBright is committed to providing you with the most popular domain extensions at wholesale prices.

It's simple: You pay what we pay. This "at cost" pricing reflects our registry costs, ICANN fees, and credit card processing fees.

Enjoy even greater savings when you pay with a pre-funded account.

See the full price list

Bulk Domain Name Management

We constructed our bulk management software from the ground up. Easy enough for the novice with a single domain, the NameBright domain management system is robust enough to manage 500,000 domains or more in a single account. It has been tested with some of the world's most demanding portfolios. Show us what you've got and we'll show you a system that puts you in control and makes life easier.

Domain History

No other registrar in the world provides specific domain name history like NameBright. You'll see each and every action that takes place with your managed domains and when they occurred. No more wondering "how did that happen?" or "who changed that?" NameBright's exclusive domain history keeps you informed and on track. View Sample

WhoIs Counters

Every day our NameBright WhoIs counters work to track how many times your domains are being searched. We keep a history of this information so you can keep on top of your domains and understand more about your domain.

"Linked Accounts"

Enterprise customers need to allow multiple people access to their domains. NameBright gives you the power to grant very specific permissions to different people so they can manage domains, update nameservers, or renew the registration. This can be done without creating security issues that could allow for a domain transfer. Linked accounts are perfect for web developers who need access to their client's domain, without having full control over it.

Free Domain/URL Forwarding

If you are looking to forward a domain name registered at NameBright to another domain or web URL you can do this for free from within the NameBright account management system. We allow domain forwarding as a URL Re-Direct (meaning the user goes to the other URL) or with URL Masking where the user continues to see the domain managed at NameBright while browsing the third party website.

Free Email Forwarding

While most service providers charge for email forwarding, NameBright does not. If you don't need a full-fledged email account, why pay for it? We provide free email forwarding for your domain names, so you can forward to any email address of your choice.

NameBright API

If you prefer working in a more automated fashion, you can access the NameBright system programmatically through our API command catalog.

Learn more about the NameBright API

Advanced Category Management

Managing groups of domains with a cumbersome, outdated system can be time consuming. Not with NameBright. Our system makes it easy for you to create categories to manage domain names. Each category can determine specific domain settings to be applied to all domain names in that category, or to "override" settings for any specific domain within that category.

Category Based Email Accounts

Should you choose to use categories to manage multiple domain names, you get the added benefit of having "category based email accounts" and email forwards. When you do this you specify the email address as "support" @ [category], and every domain in that category will have a corresponding email address. Thus you can communicate with your customers from and, all from one single email account.

1-Year Free Privacy Protection

NameBright offers 1 year of free privacy protection on all domain names. (When the extension allows privacy protection.) Privacy protection helps hide your identity, reduce spam, reduce offline mailers and hide your physical address. Privacy protection is currently $0.00 per domain name per year after the first year of free privacy protection. Note that privacy protection is only available on certain Top Level Domains, but not available / possible on other extensions.

Transfers Without Downtime!

If you have a mission-critical domain to transfer, simply create a category. Set up the category settings the exact way you want it. Move a test domain into that category and verify that everything is working correctly. (Including email accounts, email forwarding, privacy protection, etc) Then transfer the domain in having good confidence everything is set up correctly! Learn More

Disposable Email Addresses

If you create an email account that is a "wildcard" address (Example: *, you will have access to a feature we call "disposable email addreses." With this you can give out unlimited email addresses, and if you ever start getting spammed on one specific address, simply tell NameBright to trash that address.

Proper Casing of Domain Names

What is proper casing of domain names? It is an idea that is a simple and incredibly effective branding tool, yet every other domain registrar missed it. Your registrar is your core source for your domain names. When you case your domains with NameBright, we keep your letter casing the exact way you want. Would you prefer a domain like or Only NameBright puts you in control to help you brand your domain the way you wish! Have a large list of domains you want cased? Not a problem! Our exclusive Domain Casing Tool helps you properly case your domains in bulk.

Realtime, Inline Help

We provide help unlike any other website on the internet. We've imbedded our website with helpful links and tips to make your experience with NameBright even easier. Have a question? Simply click on the question mark. If you need more details, click on any dotted underline and you'll see more information right on your current screen.

Built From the Ground Up!

Even experienced domain managers may not realize that most registrars use standard backend systems that are provided to them by the registries. It's true, but not NameBright. Our innovative and creative team constructed NameBright from the ground up. We used zero-based thinking to re-invent what a registrar should be. It is this custom software that allows NameBright to be faster and much more responsive than your old registrar. Give us a try and see for yourself!

Transfer Wizards from the Future

Transferring a domain to and from most registrars can be frustrating. If you've ever tried transferring a domain from a large registrar you know it can sometimes be a downright painful experience. This has been one of our key process innovations. It does not matter if you are transferring domain names to NameBright, or away from NameBright, we provide the most complete set of transfer wizards that take you through the process. We make it easy! Transfer a domain to NameBright today to find out for yourself!

Amazing Domain Graphs!

Some people can digest numbers with ease while others perform better by viewing graphs. With NameBright's advanced graphing we show you data like Whois query data, domain history and more... all with easy to interpret graphics. View a Sample Graph of our unique charting software and see!

Security Centric

Domain names are valuable assets. They need to be securely monitored and activity tracked. NameBright not only uses best security practices, we also provide an Account Security Log. This ASL tells you exactly what is going on with your account at any given moment. No more guessing. With the NameBright ASL, you know exactly what is going on within your account. Who is logging in and from where. And you can see what they are doing. If you want even more security, turn on on your account!

Domain Management to the Second

In today's fast moving, mobile environment, knowing just the date that a domain name expires is no longer acceptable. At NameBright we are setting a new standard for domain name management. We provide you with expiration details to the minute and second. Most things that happen in our proprietary system are real-time accurate, allowing you to more confidently manage your domain names. It is yet another NameBright Advantage.

Upgraded Domains - Just 9.95 Per Year!

Impressed with what you get with our domain registration? Wait until you see the tools and features available with our Upgraded Domains.

Unlimited Domain History

Every NameBright domain comes with 30 days of domain history to see what happens with your domain. Choose our Upgraded Domain option and get access to its history as far back as it has been registered with NameBright and in your account. View Sample Data.

Unlimited Whois History Details

All NameBright domains have 30 days of whois counter data history available. This allows all users to see how many times their domain names were looked up via whois in the last 30 days. With an Upgraded Domain, your whois counter data is available as far back as the domain has been registered with NameBright and in your account.

DNS Firewall

Are you getting attacked? Is your email getting clogged up by SPAM emails? Are you under a heavy load of some type? Do you have a problematic user you do not want accessing your site? No problem. Every upgraded domain can have up to 250 blocked IP addresses or ranges. This can be an invaluable tool when your site is having issues because the traffic will be stopped at our network, and never reach your network! Just another NameBright innovation...

Increased DNS Records

By default, domain names at NameBright can have up to 25 DNS records. With an Upgraded Domain, you will be able to add up to 250 different DNS records for your domain.

Website Monitor for Service Outages

All upgraded domain names come with a Website monitoring tool. You tell the tool expected text and unexpected text to find on your site. Our bot will hit your site once a minute looking for the expected text and/or unexpected text and notify you if your site goes down.

Brand Protection Monitor

With an upgraded domain you get access to a tool that will monitor domain registrations to notify you of any registrations that are similar to your own. This is great for companies who want to ensure others are not using their marks. You will receive an email every day we find new domains similar to your own. You can provide NameBright with key phrases to monitor for. View a Sample Report.

Committed to Being the Most Advanced Registrar in the World!

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