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Our Knowledge Base provides support and solutions for top issues, and frequently asked questions. We have HUNDREDS of help topics written to help you use NameBright, most of which are not categorized and can only be found through the search box below!

What is the NameBright Security Log?

The security log is a place where you can monitor what is happening in your account. There are three severity levels... Information, Warnings and Critical. Security logs do not just provide you information about what is happening with your account, but when you have linked accounts setup (where other users can access your account) this will give you full control to see / know what is happening within your account and what user(s) have taken specific actions.

Informational: This is for your information, typically is not important details. Informational security logs typically are account logins, changing of settings in your account (such as timezone), creation/deletion of categories, creation/deletion of email accounts.

Warnings: Warnings are slightly more important to you than Informational messages. These include Failed login attempts, domains being transferred to other registrars, domains being pushed out of your account, credit card expiration notices, etc.

Critical: Critical messages are those that you should really pay the most attention to. These items include, but are not limited to ownership change of your account, password changes, turning the ability to delete domains on, actual deletion of domains from your account, adding linked accounts, etc.

Every domain has it's own domain history associated with it, so do not look in the account security log for changes to privacy protection, nameservers, host records, etc.

* Please note that not every action in NameBright creates a security log. And NameBright reserves the right to add/delete and change security log information, as well as change the severity levels assigned to each action.

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Push domain help

If you want to push a domain to another account you must provide the user's email address and username before the push can be initiated. This is for security purposes to make sure you don't accidentally push a domain name to the wrong person. You can not push the domain to someone who does not already have an account with NameBright.com.

Once a push is started it will expire in 5 days if the receiving user does not log into their account and "accept" the push from their end. Tell the person that is receiving the push to go to NameBright.com > My Account > Transfers > Pushing To Me. Once he/she accepts the push it will immediately be moved from your account to theirs.

If the person receiving the push wants to put the domain into a specific category or add privacy protection, they will be given the opportunity when they accept the push. (not when you initiate the push)

If the push is not accepted by the "Request Expires On" date, the push will automatically be cancelled and the domain will remain in your account. For this reason it is important if you want the push to complete that the recipient of the domain(s) accept the push in their account within 5 days of the push being initiated.

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API Access

To get started with API Access (for programmatically connecting to NameBright) you must first apply and provide reasoning and what you are looking to do with the API access. API access is private and will not be granted to every user. Secondarily, you will be required to fund your account and have a minimum of 100 USD in your account balance before being allowed to use the API. All charges which are made using the API will come off of your account balance and will not be associated with a credit card in any way. By using the API you agree that any calls made to the API to charge against your account cannot be refunded. (Certain exceptions "may" apply for a refund, you will need to contact NameBright directly to discuss.) When using the API you agree that you will not do more than 30 requests against our system in a 30 second time-frame. If you do so, you will be rate-limited and API access may be revoked if you hit this threshold too often. As a general rule, we ask you space requests out by 1 second, and NameBright might limit your access even if you are too demanding on the system. (For example, hitting NameBright 30 times in a 5 millisecond period is too aggressive.) You also agree that the API will not be used to purchase domain names that are expiring / dropping into general availability. If you attempt to purchase expiring domains, or check their availability during the drop, NameBright will respond with "domain not available" even if the domain might actually be available at that time.

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How do I transfer domains?

NameBright makes it easy to manage transfers, both inbound and outbound, individually or in bulk.

If you already have a NameBright account, you can find our transfer tools at My Account > Transfers. If you’re new to NameBright, you can get started transferring domains here.

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What domain extensions does NameBright support?

You can register domain names in virtually every extension at NameBright. Check out our full list of supported extensions.

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What is a domain name?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). If you are looking to get setup online, a domain name is essentially the building block of creating a website.

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