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Our Knowledge Base provides support and solutions for top issues, and frequently asked questions. We have HUNDREDS of help topics written to help you use NameBright, most of which are not categorized and can only be found through the search box below!

What is the Account Security Log?

See a detailed record of settings changes, login attempts and more at the Account Security Log. If you've granted other users access to your account via the Linked Accounts feature, their actions will also show up here.

Note: This log shows changes made to your account, not individual domains. Each domain has its own change history visible on the domain settings page.

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Push domain help

A push is similar to a regular domain transfer, except that the domain is moved to another NameBright account.

To push a domain, you'll need to provide the email address and username of the destination NameBright account. The receiving account will have 5 days to accept the push (Transfers > Pushing In > Pending Inbound Push Requests) before it is cancelled.

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API Access

NameBright provides an API for advanced users and businesses. The API is a powerful tool to automate registration and configuration for large domain portfolios.

If your API access request is approved, you are expected to understand and follow the terms of use:

• You must fund your account with a minimum balance of 100 to use the API.

• Charges made from API functions will be applied to your funded account balance.

• Charges incurred from API functions are non-refundable.

• Users may not make more than 30 API requests in any 30 second period. Exceeding this may lead to rate-limiting and/or revocation of access.

• Requests should be sent no more frequently than one per second.

• The API will not be used to purchase, or check the availability of, domains that are expiring / dropping into general availability. Responses to this sort of request will always be "domain not available".

• NameBright reserves the right to limit or remove API access at any time.

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How do I transfer domains?

NameBright makes it easy to manage transfers, both inbound and outbound, individually or in bulk.

If you already have a NameBright account, you can find our transfer tools at My Account > Transfers. If you’re new to NameBright, you can get started transferring domains here.

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What domain extensions does NameBright support?

You can register domain names in virtually every extension at NameBright. Check out our full list of supported extensions.

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What is a domain name?

Technically, a domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet.

Practically, you can think of a domain name like an address on the Internet. They provide a friendly, language-based way to point to IP addresses, which are the numeric identifiers assigned to every device connected to the Internet. You see domain names used every day in URLs and email addresses. They are the building blocks for establishing an online presence for your self, business or organization.

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