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Transfer a Domain to NameBright
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Use this form to transfer domains into Namebright from another registrar.

Auth Code: (Optional)

Use this form to transfer domains into Namebright from another registrar.
Format: Domain,AuthCode (comma or tab delimited, one domain per line)

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How it Works

  1. Enter your domain name(s) above.

  2. Pending transfers will automatically be placed into your transfer wizard.

  3. NameBright's transfer wizard will guide you through the transfer process!

Why Should You Transfer Domains to NameBright?

  1. We have the lowest registration fees possible. Our "At Cost Pricing" means you pay wholesale.

  2. There's no risk. Should a transfer not be completed, return it for a refund.

  3. 1 Year FREE WhoIs Privacy Protection. Get FREE WhoIs Privacy Protection for the first year.

  4. Bulk Management Tools. We have robust bulk management tools that help manage even the largest of portfolios.

  5. 1-Year Extension. All transfers automatically add 1 year to the life of a domain name.

  6. We love to create innovating tools and services to help our clients. Have a problem or need a specific product or service? Contact us. We built NameBright from the ground up and we can sure help you!

  7. We know that once you transfer a domain name to NameBright you will transfer more. You will then tell your friends, and they will tell their friends.

Transferring Tips

  • The domain name(s) to be transferred cannot be in 'locked' status before transfer will start.
  • The WhoIs administrative contact for the domain will receive an email which needs to be approved.
  • Many registrars will not allow expired domains to transfer. Be careful to not let your domains expire.
  • The domain has to have been registered at least 60 days ago, and not transferred within 60 days.
  • The domain can not be in a 'registrar lock' status with your current registrar.

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